Sunday, June 18, 2017

April fun

Well hello there, yes Miss April came back on Wednesday arvo.....Dad dropped her off and was going to pick her up again the following afternoon.....she was happy to see Woody again and to go for a walk

we took her shopping and she carried these paper towels on the walk back....

she had fun pretending to change Dolly 

and a game of peek a boo with Grandpa 😊

and she was laughing a LOT 😁😁

before bed she had a good dance with Dolly lol 

on Thursday we took her for a visit to a nearby playground 

walking up a ramp watched by Grandpa 

a great play area for many ages and they did both slide down that slide together lol 

she is such a sweet happy little girl 

good Grandpa helping on another slide 💗💗

that afternoon she was ready for Dad to pick her up and had a final cuddle with Woody xoxo

that night I again watched one of the railway journey programs 

and on Friday (yesterday) we packed up and came back home.....catching up on stuff around here for now and Woody missing all the friends he had over our time in Rye......
well all caught up and may it be fun where you are this weekend xoxo

Family fun and tourist fun

Hello again here is the beach shot again 

on Saturday arvo these guys arrived to stay the night......Sarah, Jason, Rex and of course Paul and me 

I always love trying to get a different shadow pic and this one looks a little scary with long clawed hands lol 

we walked along this pier 

and that night managed to get a fuzzy pic of the fullish moon 

we all had a lot of fun and lovely to have them stay over 

Sarah was also staying over Sunday night too and here she is with my cousin Lisa, and her girl Wendy (named after me 💗💗)  and this is the ONLY pic I took.....we were busy having too much fun and swam and also went in the hot spa.....good family time catch-up......they left the next day (Monday) but not before....... 

this guy arrived Mr Cooper (fun pic of him) 

and April with her Mum Lauren and Dad Ray.....they came just for the day to enjoy some water fun 

a much better pic of Cooper with me 

and enjoying the spa.....the first time Cooper has been in one and loved it 

April loves pulling funny faces 😉😉

and enjoyed her lunch and sitting on the chair just like a big girl.....they went back home late in the afternoon 

on Tuesday it was just us so we thought we would take a tourist drive to other beaches......

plenty of wild waves at Gunnamatta 

I do love visiting surf beach areas 

way on the top of the distant hill is a lighthouse 

then we stopped at Rye ocean beach which used to be just called Back Beach 

same crazy waves and cool cool weather.....and enjoyed a quiet day/night 

catching up on "Love Child" info here Love_Child_(TV_series) and is up to season 4....another show I love watching 

on Wednesday we took another drive out and about.....this is Flinders beach 

More info here if interested of this Peninsula here

we then took a drive up to this place which we had not been to in many years......they have replaced the old chairlifts with proper gondolas (after a serious collapse) 

it was another sunny but sunny 

they have a cafe here and certainly were many visitors
on our drive back down the of the many viewpoints 

another pleasant day and we had a call that someone was coming back for a stayover......
hope you are enjoying these posts......xo