Wednesday, November 22, 2017

A surprise

On Sunday we had a surprise 60th to go to and catch up with many friends 

My dear friend Lanie (sorry Lanie) lol and another friend called Cookie on the left

The party was for our friend Julie (I call her loo loo)

Her lovely hubby Mark and girls Leona and Kylie organised it all.....we all kept quiet and along the back wall as she was arriving 

Surprise lol and she was 

Look at that happy face.......she thought  she was just going to a simple arvo tea ☺☺

Her Mum and Dad so happy too 

Mark sure did a good job of not telling her anything 

plenty of chatting with everyone 

and speeches from Kylie 


and Mark 

A wonderful afternoon 

and her Mum and Dad gave her "the seniors card" ☺☺ 

we then drove back home and I have started a bit of a blanket 

and added a bit of black ♥♥
Well that is it for now and will be doing Granny duty on Saturday night back at the city ☺☺

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stormy Saturday

Well hello there.  I left you with this lovely day pic while we were at city pad......well a couple of  hours later it was much different 

We took a tram ride to go and check out a nearby outdoor market and rain started.....

Heaps of rain 

and had to just get wet, to go across this road for the tram back. No way were we walking in this lol 

yes we did get wet and you can see all the people huddled under the tram shelter outside our place 

rain fell for hours and I have never heard thunder so loud 

amazing out the back 

and the front of our building a bit later and pretty much a creek flowing by lol 

but later in the evening all settled again 

I got to work on my crochet sock 

and enjoy this view ☺☺
Well that was Saturday and will be back tomorrow with post of a surprise birthday 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Being creative

Hello there, been a little while again lol But LOOK I have finished a little blanket and it is now at our city pad on the couch 😃😃

The blue looks much better in the close up snap 

And finally back to working on that Sophie blanket which I started as a crochet along way back in 2015......Before Mum became unwell I was able to take it and show her and work on it while I stayed overnight......but then she ended up in care so I put Sophie away......Now I think it is time to work on this with memories of her 💗💗

I bought this batman comfort friend for Cooper a while back and have bought another so if one gets lost or something then there is another 

Yep still working on that knitted sock partner 

And how is this for a burger!!!  Called Godzilla and has 3 types of meet times 3......of course I did not eat all of it and left the bun too lol Paul tried to help but too much lol 

And here is how far I have got with Sophie.....many more rounds to go and sure is a piece of artwork 

Pork ribs again the other night, so tender and low carb 😀😀

And yes I have a thing about Batman.....this is my new pyjamas from Aldi which are really mens but hey I wanted them lol 

Cute shorts for this old Granny lol 

And last night we came to the city pad to stay and catch up with my Rex, I look a little scared here lol 

Happy belated birthday for Rex and his lovely partner evening we had xoxo

Last night while staying here crocheted a granny square with some random ball I had here.....nice as a coaster 😉😉

And Woody enjoyed watching Star Trek Enterprise with us 

Today it is busy out there on the Yarra river and many helicopters coming and going too 

Beautiful weather day, with many more currently which is a nice change
Well how are you all out there? Thanks again for dropping by and commenting xoxo

Thursday, November 9, 2017

This week doing things ♥☺

Hello there, been hooking this blanket along and think it will stay at our city pad once complete ☺☺ I prefer black/grey/purple but well this is ok.........

Woody has had a bit of a relaxing time back home 

but on Tuesday we headed down to visit my youngest grandies and had lunch along the way.....nice prawn/avocado dish for me 

pork rib burger for him, but he left the bun out ☺☺

and here we are with Mr Cooper and Miss April ♥♥

so cute and lovely spending time with them and I even took them both on a walk to a nearby park......

April loves taking a selfie with my mobile ☺

she loved the swing and I forgot to take snap of Cooper......

but here he is chilling in the pusher while April went on the pics of THAT!!! Granny was worried she may fall of the ladder steps, but she does it all by herself with me having a fit lol 

and she loved the see-saw too......we had a lovely cup of coffee and then headed to out city pad.......

and here is a sugar skull my Rex gave me for my birthday with a battery t-light candle in it....Paul bought me that and I love how it looks......

here it is with lights on but candle still turned on ☺☺
We were supposed to see Rex for a night meal but he was too crook so will catch up with him maybe next week for his belated birthday ♥♥

back home we came today (Thursday) and I have been planning for weeks to trim the herbs in my could hardly walk through here till I did this......nice and trim with a Magpie just near the shed in the shade 

a little zoom in and looked like it was cleaning up some spiders along the shed door......eek 

My massive Rosemary is nicely trimmed back and all the herbs along here with the rhubarb in the centre.....

on the other side is that crazy aloe vera plant and some peppermint/sage is growing again.....sipping peppermint tea right now lol 

and the other herbal bed is all trimmed back off the grass, nice edging 

I love these hot pink (pig face) flowers....great cover to keep weeds back ☺☺

lemons are growing crazily among some spider webs.......

and that Magpie sang a little tune to the parrots in the distance......lovely weather finally here with many more warm days over this coming weekend ☺☺
May you be doing something you enjoy and thanks again for dropping by xoxoxo