Sunday, November 27, 2016

Birthday catchup

Here I am back again with some more family fun time.....this time in a park for a bbq tea

In the distance is Sarah and Misty on flying fox and Riley racing them, he can sure run fast lol 

I even had one go on it later  lol 

Frank their Dad getting on with the cooking.....never got a face shot this time....

Batty in the front my other grandy and Shannon

balloons were blow up 

this park is really great with plenty of safe equipment for kids to enjoy....even a dragon and a crocodile I discovered later no pic

Sarah and Misty at the swings ☺

Riley sure loved the slides too 

Racing Misty up the slide lol 

Batty and Misty tested who could fly highest 

Sarah helping Riley on the swing 

so much fun was had 

and look even Miss April came for a visit at the park 

with her Daddy Ray ♥

making sure she was warm and Misty loved seeing how much she had grown......they had not seen each other for a few months and April is now 10 mths old and very cute of course 

Riley getting ready to eat some salad and snag in bread 

He then had an icecream  cake and blew out 4 candles....his birthday and Misty had hers last month so they were both happy to see us with presents for them lol 

love this kids wild hair.......cold and windy was the weather too.....

following day we went to mind April and this is the only pic I took and it is Trixie that fun dog we see now and then....we took them both on a walk and forgot my mobile so no snaps taken....oh well next time ♥

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Family time

Well as you can see we had a trip back to city as we were having one of my boys fly in the following morning and Woody was enjoying the view 

Got a few beers for my boy to enjoy 

Paul and I have a favorite restaurant near our place Thai food and has neat signs on some of  the walls so we ate their on Thursday night

Looking to the kitchen area 

Seating outside which is great on a nice evening 

Food is good Wine is better lol and rather blurry snap or is this caused by the wine lol 

Anyway Woody enjoyed helping me crochet and watch Heston 

and then catching up on Outlander ☺

and here is my oldest son Rex sitting with Woody 

and my middle boy Frank also came to visit on Friday so another Woody shot 


Rex and a shame my youngest boy was unable to come over : ( 
Rex lives in another state so as you know we don't get together too often....

My daughters partner Shannon came over on Saturday 

Hello Rexy xoxo

and Sarah with Woody ☺☺☺

Woody was quite exhausted after all the more pics taken and we said goodbye and came back home as we had some friends coming on Monday for the night ☺

and they brought their cute little dog Cooper and he liked Woody lol 

A sweet little dog which is a silky terrier 

and he let Woody ride clear pics of my dear friends Grace and Tony so next time....we had not seen each other in roughly 2 years so it was a good chatty many more to do this with too.....
love to you all out there ♥♥ bit of a mish mash post ☺☺

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Just an hello

Hello my family and friends.....had a break to recover from my marathon blogging lol
This is a new little flower for my car ☺

Happy in the carport ready for next outing.....

While going through my Mum and Dad's things I came across this old magazine....August 1977

This obviously was the gas supplier before everything got privatized to varying companies 

And look here is me 20 and would you believe already married!! and my now ex next to me...and my dear younger brother Andy (no longer with us) who was 16 holding his clarinet and my Dad 54 and Mum 52....I am older than them now as they were in this pic....they appeared in that magazine because....

Very proud of what my dear Dad achieved and miss him ♥

Anyway here is a neat lit up sign in one of the restaurants in our to love this ☺☺

still hooking on and waiting for more of Outlander to come on television....way behind only on season 1 lol 

and this low carb thing is really paying much slimmer and having to buy smaller jeans ☺☺

my pathetic attempt at getting a pic of the super-moon the other night.....yeah pathetic lol 

We dropped in today to that little cafe we like to have a coffee at and sat at the bee table this many cute salt and pepper shakers 

Plenty of room here 

looking out their window 

and us now finished our coffee and 1 leg each lol 
Well got a busy few next days and plan to take many pics.....
Enjoy your week/weekend xoxoxoxo