Friday, December 5, 2014

More cooking at home

Hey out there! Yes more bread making and this time a cranberry/walnut loaf ☺

And I can tell you it smelt great and tasted sliced and in the freezer to enjoy when ever we like ☺

On the crochet front I have completed one half of my oven to get on with the other side ☺

On the needles I still have one of these colourful socks happening

Really quite thick so sure going to be warm.....and long wearing I hope

We had some pulled pork in the freezer so decided to try a different pizza for tea with garlic, spring onions, dash of maple syrup, 2 cheeses and some capsicum

Just out of the oven with a homemade bbq sauce to add over

And I can tell you this was have 4 pieces in the freezer to enjoy another day/night.....Just a simple green salad to go with it and great

We have grown quite a bit of garlic and here is just a few hanging to dry and to use over the next few months....Have planted Sunflowers and hope they grow more than 1 foot tall like the ones last year.... as even this one was supposed to grow to 5 a failure lol 

What is growing in your garden and what have you been baking?
Thanks for visiting and also leaving comments too, I always message back via my email......☺☺
take care and keep safe xo

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hello again ☺♥

Had a bit of a cooking spur on this past week and knocked up a very nice pizza using the bread dough I make....the ham/salami veg for the man and I had the seafood mix with veg....

We were so hungry and loved the pizza that much, only got to take a picture of my last slice of seafood pizza and will make this again as delish and pretty healthy for a pizza ☺

With the mini rolls I made (sliders) we had BLT  for lunch one day....

That is an apricot next to the little roll just so you can see how little these rolls are....very tasty indeed too ☺☺

Don't you love old photo's.....this is one of my dear girl (pink ribbon) and her lovely cousin (blue ribbon)....they are both now in their dare I say late 30's lol 

And my oldest boy (blonde) and his cousin (her brother) who also are now over 30....where do the years go...

And I am back from picking up my Mum from her hospital time and stayed 2 nights, she is going ok and looking forward to a trip away with me and the man on the 12th for a week ☺
Here she is with my four and my brothers three many years ago, such a fun cute shot xoxo and of course she is almost 90 now with that mob all in there 30's lol 
Boy has this year flown, just like so many others before....Xmas is upon us
May you be enjoying something where you are ♥

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Time at home cooking and a bit of tree trimming

Hi again, must feel like blogging cause this is 3 days in a row....Made this lovely vegetable lentil soup to have for lunch yesterday and enough to be frozen for a few other days and was yum....just onion, carrot, celery, rice, red lentils, tomato a few herbs and stock cube...delish

Also made some mini type bread rolls....There seem to be a lot of Sliders on menu's in cafes and all they are is a mini roll, cute and easy to eat with salad inside or even a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato)

Also whipped up a small loaf

And what do we have I looked out the back window to see the man trimming a tree.....

He hired this cherry picker to make it easier to get way up and cut those branches back....

Trimming away ☺

There is going to be a free green waste this weekend do he is putting loads in the trailer to get ready, he thinks we will have about 4 trailer loads, these trees have grown heaps

Even the Winjana had to move out into the street

So he could trim this one which was huge, now starting to be more manageable 

He even had to go into the neighbors driveway to really cut it way back on their side ☺☺
He also trimmed a small gum tree and a bottle brush so all a lot neater

And today I made another small loaf with these mini loaves, not much bigger than a matchbox lol
My Mum has been in hospital since Monday for the every 3mths visit for her ongoing time with bladder cancer 5 years and should be out tomorrow, so I am taking her this small loaf and some of the frozen soup too ☺☺and stay a night with her, so here's hoping I can pick her up in the morning..she is amazing for someone almost 90, not that she would like me telling everyone lol 
Making a pizza for our tea tonight with another bit of the dough so that should be yum too.
See you again soon xoxoxo

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Home and a fun 2nd birthday

Hey there, here is a great hot chocolate with chili and mixed spices, I could only drink half as this was a LARGE cup....The man had coffee and I had this at a great chocolate factory before heading back on the Spirit of Tassie to home ☺ 
It was a evening sail so we were queued up with the masses.... 
Finally on board and took this picture of the life saving boats... 
A nice bottle of red as we wait to set sail ☺ 
The ramp going back up so the Spirit can get going....we drove up this ramp ☺ 
Goodbye Tassie 
A great evening for a trip back home....almost 12 hours and we had a cabin so tried to sleep for part of it and arrived back all safe and got to have a wonderful breakfast with my dearest friend and her hubby, great catchup but no photo's......
And look who has a birthday.....on the day we sailed in so lucky for us ☺☺
Can you believe he is now TWO..... 
Yes that little man Riley and he got a real neat scooter from his other Nana ☺ 
Did not get a picture of him with the Minion I made but he loved it and the clothes and a few other goodies we threw in ☺☺ 
Oh look, my 4 grandbabies, although know the older once don't want to be referred to as babies lol  
Such great picture of them 
Happy birthday, and a caring sister Misty watching over him ☺ 
Blowing out the candle
And a picture with his Mum and my son his Dad ☺ 
Loving that cake and his great Nanny (my mum) in the background enjoying her bit of cake too ☺ 
And last shot of my girl, her man and her boys, love this picture ☺
Should have got pictures of everyone else but well, was having fun lol
May you be having fun family times where you are....

Monday, November 24, 2014

End of the time away in Tasmania

Hello out there, yes we are back and just doing a last post on trip.....bad Internet so now doing this from home ☺ Going to show lots of pictures with few words today, enjoy

Yes another lighthouse

Plenty of steps down to the view over the sea

A cicada quite small but making a lot of noise...

Lovely old gnarly tree

An aboriginal information and art centre which sadly is now closed.....

Where the Don river flows into the sea

Ah yes found another steam train area ☺

And yes no steam running till December....oh well

Me with my named sign lol and my purple docs too

In the centre of Devonport city 

And yes the spirit ferry which we returned on Sunday morning

Beach down near where we stayed for the week

An evening stroll

Back across the golf course to our accommodation 

Our room up the top

Incredible coloured water.....

Got to love a rock pool 

This penguin made me look slimmer lol 

Oh how happy the man was lol 

This town was called Penguin (after the fairy penguins in the area) so of course they had these bins 

A little dachshund came to say hello and trotted back home at the lookout 

Yes I walked out on this pier but did not like the lack of sides lol 

Beaconsfield_Mine_collapse  a very sad time for the town and mine but they now have this beaconsfieldheritage centre to see and read and watch all about it

Without the dark 

With the flash, what it would have like for the miners trapped....not good

There were scarves knitted CloseKnitPROOF over 2 kilometres by local and people throughout Australia and overseas....incredible

Replica of the town

Miners cottage

Fallen walls 

I am safe up above

These tree trunk carvings were in a park on our road trips and was amazing to see, but photo's do not do it justice at all....

Look at those carved teeth....

Well that is it for now....
I will be back again soon xoxo
Hope you enjoyed this trip with us, I know we did xox