Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fun at a hen's lunch and lots of photo's ☺☺

Get ready for lots of photo's.......I have many family members who come here to link up and see what we have all been doing so know they will love these pictures of the hens lunch for sure ♥♥

The gorgeous bride to be was greeted by all the hens as she arrived ♥

There was a vintage bridal theme and even my sis in law donned some lace in her hair ☺

Look at the cute bride to future daughter in law ☺

Nice big table for us all to sit around 

The Mum of bride to be......♥

With her cousin related via my sister's son's wife....

Leaning in to say hello to Nanny (my mum)

A really lovely picture of the 2 of them ♥

Me and her ♥♥

Mum, daughter and me the future dreaded ma in law lol 

And another ☺

Niece and Aunty  (my ex hubby's sister)

One of the sisters to the girl of the day ☺

Lot's of chatting and fun times

Me and my girl when she arrived ♥

And again ☺

Nanny, granddaugher, my sister in the background...hello Chook lol
and my dear sis in law hello K xoxo

My girls ♥♥

Her Mum again 

Such a sweet face ☺

My lunch of stuffed chicken was so tasty

Another of the tasty meals at josephinesthebriars where the lunch was held with a few games thrown in too for fun ☺

Sisters ♥

Mum and daughter.....a bit fuzzy but such a lovely photo ♥


Me and my 2 girls lol 

And a better snap ☺

Cousins by marriage and one of the other sisters in the background
It was a lovely day and most of them headed off to have a fun night sleep over.....I took Mum home and then had the fun of picking up the man from his fun in the city for the day time part of the Bucks activities......

We luckily were able to get a room at last minute ☺

And it came with this great spa bath and boy was it great to relax late that night ☺☺

Following morning we headed in to the town of Mornington and they were having a mainstreetfestival which I did not know about so here we were checking out the chickens, which is kind of funny after a hens lunch the day before lol 

A couple of sheep and goats too ☺

Very fluffy these chickens were ☺

We walked down to the beach for a look around and get some good walking exercise in.....

It was real windy although this picture does not show it very well lol 
Yes my camera was back in the car so these pictures have been taken with my mobile

Nice bit of cliff, love the colour of the sand 

And can you see way out in the distance some buildings? That is the city of Melbourne the capital of Victoria and the 2nd most populous city in Australia Melbourne

The crowds were starting to arrive
There was plenty of food stalls, bands playing......
We headed off to check out something that we remembered was running that day...
Will be back with that post tomorrow ☺☺☺

Monday, October 20, 2014

Catching up with friends

Hello again! Here is the man enjoying a red wine at one of our good friend's house....
We had not seen her and her hubby for more than 6 months so was going to be a good catch up ☺

There is my dear friend of 26 years ☺☺
We used to see them quite a bit when we drove/flew up to Queensland but they now live down here roughly 1 1/2 hours away, but as happens see them less lol 

And her hubby, we sure did a lot of chatting to catch up ☺

Oh and of course me.....

We snacked on cheese and crackers before our tea of Corn beef

After tea we had a quick fun game of darts....the only decent picture I got lol 

And there cute little dog Cooper ☺☺ I am pretty sure he is and Australian terrier ♥

Relaxing into the evening, good company and relaxing time 

And on Friday my oldest son arrived to stay the night...he drove over 800 klm's as there was a bucks weekend for his youngest brother and I was to attend a fun Hens lunch ☺☺
So will leave you with this and follow up tomorrow with fun at the hens
May you all have had a good weekend and actually a week as been that long since I posted
Take care xoxoxo