Sunday, May 24, 2015

A picture of that pesky hawk and family time

See that pesky little hawk brown goshawk came back for a moment the other day and I was lucky with my zoom to get a good picture ☺☺ Now for the rest of this post expect plenty of grand kiddies pictures because we are currently looking after 2 for 9 days......

There is Mr 2, Riley in our car watching his mini dvd player lol

Here is Miss 7 Misty concentrating on her dvd lol 

We brought them back to our house which is roughly 2 hours drive and cooked up (already made before) some spaghetti bolognese and was loved 

Digging in to her spaghetti 

Not long before we ended up watching FROZEN......very popular as most of you out there will know and this little man loved it especially the singing ☺

Next day I made the mistake of showing him my fish "Billy Bass" and how to push the button and let it sing.......after many times I decided fishy was tired and put him in basket covered with blanket lol 

There has been plenty of grazing/snacking 

Drinking water or juice

And this little fella sure loves his food

This was their lunch one day

Pancakes for breakfast 

And doing a bit of school work, she loves her batman clothes....a real superhero fan

He even lay in our bed early in the morning with my 57 year old bear lol 

My dear girl visited for a night with her guy.....we took a walk in the morning down to the farmers market

It was a cold day but the sun was shining so that helped a lot

The path down to town with Misty way ahead with my girl and guy

Walking behind Granpa

Holding Granpa's finger as they cross the road

Even a shoulder ride on the way back lol 
I must say WE are feeling pretty tired and have 5 more days to go....wish us LUCK ☺

He had a ham, olive, cheese, orange and bread snack lunch today (sunday)

I managed to finish this blanket for a future great baby (sisters grandy) while on car trips with the man driving of course...

Also crocheted up this little hat for that baby too.....
Thank you again for all the lovely wishes for my Mum, she is still in stroke unit and we just take each day as you can......

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Catching up with family and other things

Hello my friends....first off will update on my Mum ♥
She is in a hospital now where she gets physio Monday to Friday and is doing ok but limited movement still on her left side, but talking better and as happy as you could be, not being able to go home....I have been entertaining my brain with the crochet Sophie's Universe and enjoy when I force myself to do a round every now and again.....

I even managed to crochet a little apple tree for that fun rug I am doing via happyberrycrochet

The other morning I heard a crash on the wooden side fence and came upon this little dove looking very disheveled...... I noticed it had been swooped on by a small bird of prey, which I did not get a pic of as too fast but will put a Internet pic here to show...

The man covered the poor thing with a milk crate to give it some protection ☺

And here is the culprit.....which looks large in this pic, but was only about a foot tall....later we noticed the dove had moved on, well at least that is what we hoped ☺

Saturday I was going to stay at my dear girl's house for the night and they decided to have a meal out at Pancake parlour as a mother's day fun time ☺ Here is my oldest grandboy looking mighty fine and hungry ☺

My youngest boy and his beautiful wife ♥

Me and my girl lol

Her man ☺

The second grandboy's only pic with his awesome meal of cheese kransky pancake with a scoop of icecream lol 

Those loving newly weds sharing a Mexican crepe

Me and my girl both ate these wonderful Canadian pancakes, yummo with bacon, eggs, and some naughty butter 

Grandboy 1 had chicken parma 

Oh and look, that night I got to have lots of fur fun with their 3 cats. This one is Dexter and he looks like he is smiling ☺

And this fine fellow is Dante' with my handbag packed with Woody from toy story to come to stay with me for future road trips lol 

The 3 fur buddies, Sparrow, Dexter and Dante'....MEOW 

Woody is now happily relaxed in our lounge room and looking forward to trips with us in the future...
I have past on to Mum all the well wishes I have received and it certainly makes her smile
Hope things are going okay in your lives

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Time away from home visiting Mum

Hmmm has been a little while since I last posted.....we had a short trip away from our home to allow for easier visiting my Mum. She was moved from one hospital to another which was a lot further for us to drive so hooked up the Winjana and booked for 3 nights at a foreshore park in Rosebud info here 

It is a real nice spot and had never stayed here and roughly 500 metre walk to the hospital.....our spot was away from the trees so good for the solar panels

A short walk to check out the beach, which I only did on one of the days briefly and then watched a sunset on another evening ☺

The good old blundstone boots I wear a lot are great for lots of walking

It was a cool day but sunny

There were plenty of these guys having fun as the wind was strong

Lots of colourful boathouses 

Zoomed in on a cargo type ship sailing through the bay

Walking back to the Winjana, which I love to sleep in, I always seem to sleep better ☺

Toilet block if needed was also close 

The sun setting and lots of cloud around

Lovely and peaceful down here 

Looking towards Sorrento where a ferry goes between one side of part of the bay and the other to Queenscliff ferry info

A sunset zoom on the ferry ☺

Plenty of bush along the beach area

Us all hooked up again ready for heading back home after staying the 3 nights......Mum was moved late on the Sunday to a rehab type hospital and is currently staying there for a while, while they assess her 

The moon was not quite full but good enough for me on Sunday night 

When away we often pack up precooked meals which we freeze so can have a quick meal any time of day....this one was a yummy curry chicken with coriander seed rice ☺

The man checking out the television ☺

I have certainly tried to occupy my mind between many visits to Mum with a bit of crochet

A blanket I am working on for a future baby ☺

And this neat grass and road crochet which is going to be a large rug/playmat for a little boy I know later in the year.....It is from Happyberry crochet and a fun part by part release each week ☺ I am also still working on knitted socks and Sophies Universe....can never have too many wips....RIGHT ☺☺
Thank you again for your kind messages re Mum, she is going okay but of course not out of the woods yet as they say ☺☺