Saturday, July 19, 2014

End of the trip and back home again ☺

Hello my friends! We had a couple of nice cheap meals here while staying down the road in Warrnambool

Oh and a nice drop of red wine too ☺

Back at the winjana we had setup my computer as our television and enjoyed watching a couple of shows we like

Next day we took a drive and found this large ant sculpture in someones front yard......

The day was certainly cold and a bit of rain falling, but the countryside was lovely

We drove into tower-hill-game reserve which is an extinct volcano and last time we saw quite a few emu's

A small kangaroo with 

A larger resting one 

We decided to get ourselves some exercise and did this incredible walk......

I will say I was quite breathless and had not even gone half way....

Yep more stairs.....

Thank goodness my purple doc martins are very comfortable and good for walking in....

Zoomed over to check out the ocean, no whales.....

More climbing....

Up the top with a view out one side over the lake 

And a zoom shot down to the information centre.....then the walk back down to the car....

Stopped off to visit the centre

Last time we came there was 1 koala up the tree and so we were pleased to see this one....

And another having a lovely snooze....

Back to the winjana for a quick salad lunch and 2 tiny snags (low fat of course)
We have enjoyed this trip even with the chilly weather

On the morning we were leaving the weather was sunny and a nice view from the bed through the hatch of the blue sky.....

All ready to head off with winjana nice and clean 

Our little sunny flower was very happy with this weather 

The road home.....
We of course are now home and catching up with appointments and family...
May your days be bright and sunny where you are or at least happy
xoxoxo ☺

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A great time at the Halls Gap Zoo and a glimpse of a whale

Hello again, another post of holiday fun ☺ Was a beautiful day on Sunday so we decided we would go again to the Halls Gap zoo......we visited there a few years ago
It is amazing how big this zoo is in a very country setting more info

Neat fellas 

Tiny Meerkat, these guys do not stay still

Deers that you could feed 

Peacock walking around

Red neck wallaby


Large bush turkey

The now have 2 Cheetah's 

Such a wonderful face

One of the many decked paths



Cassowary these birds are very dangerous and very territorial

Black swan 


And look they now have 2 Giraffe's. Last time we came they were expecting to have 1 but had been delayed due to council rules and lots of  organising


Brown Dingo

Blue winged Kookaburra

Peacock having a drink at the stream 

Now who is this......

Another attempt at zoom by the man as he is taller of course

But there was a 2nd one so zoomed in on this sleeping Serval

Agile Wallabies

Eastern grey Kangaroo

Just so you can see how big this roo is and he still was not fully standing up.......


Yep keep your distance from the Ostrich 

Barbary sheep 

Przewalski's  horse, this guy was hiding behind a shed, but when I walked along a fence line and looked back the zoom got him ☺



Water buffalo 


with Alpaca's 

Oh and look at this lovely close up......the other side of their enclosure where they were eating ☺

Black tongue reaching for some leaves

Fallow deer 

Tiny birds with lovely red on them

They were is with this pig who refused to put it's head up 

Fennec Fox 

Lovely parrot 

and BATS........ It was a great 2hr walk around and the weather stayed sunny. We then decided we would head to Warrnambool to stay a night or 2 

Having fun with the camera and you can see Winjana coming along behind our Dmax ☺

There was a bit of rain, but when in the town at van park all good ☺

Took 2 great shots of the full moon on Sunday night when we were staying in Warrnambool for 2nights 

And we picked up this cute little sewing machine to travel with us for simple fix ups $15 at a store reducing everything ☺

Now this place is known for the whale watching you can do between May and October and being July thought we would have a good chance....
Viewing area and we heard there was a Mother whale and baby hanging around

This is the glimpse I got........

Went to another area which had great surf splashing up.....

When the tide is out you can walk over to go up the stairs over there.

I do love the ocean.....

Heading up the breakwater to have a look for whales 

A very long breakwater and boy was it windy and icy......

That is it for the whale watching, although we have now stayed a 3rd night here but saw zilch of Whales.....failure lol 
Will post again once back home as Internet is pretty slow lol 
Hope you have again enjoyed our travels
take care and we will be home tomorrow xoxo