Monday, July 7, 2014

PJ pants for grandboy and tap repair

Hi there, been still on the sewing wagon and knocked up another 3 pairs of pants, pj pants for little Riley...this makes about 7 pairs....go Granny

Apparently hey says boo a lot and roar to scare his mum and dad so they know he will like these ones lol 

And bear ones just like his Granny has ☺

And using up bits and pieces

Here is the little guy himself, almost 20mths old and with his favourite pillow

Not easy getting toddler photo's is it lol

Lifting up his big chicken toy

Gorgeous eyes and face, think he had been doing a bit of drawing on himself and of course enjoying some food too 

Outside in the boo pants and climbing up the slides steps all by himself then slid down, Granny had her heart in her mouth....... This was a very quick trip down and back and even dropped in on my brother and his lovely wife too, but saved them from photo's on here ☺
Living 160klm's away means you need to plan a little lol 

On Saturday the man set to work on fixing/replacing our broken tap/faucet 

We had an old tap from our kitchen prior to renovations so here it is in use again till this bathroom gets updated some time in the future.....we have some little/big thoughts on a renovation/extension here, will keep you posted

And more pj pants for me ☺☺

Lovely Dears.....just like in the toohey beer ad here....
Thankyou again for dropping in and keep warm out there......

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A bit of new sewing and broken tap

Hello again, as you can see I have been sewing with my new Janome ☺ My 2nd project bag made from the pattern from 2011 sewing calendar 

I made a large pocket this time so it will fit the pattern and lot's of other things, and the bag is much bigger too, so now this blanket can travel around while I hook it ☺

I even matched up the seams this time while doing the boxy corners

And a pair of pj pants, don't look too close as I botched up one leg, but they are warm, fit and I like them ☺

Cute little animals and foot prints.....

Oh dear, a nice clean basin (the best you can do with this old relic) but the TAP ain't happy.....
Must not turn on tap or will be sprayed majorly all over lol
That bathroom renovation has not started yet but may be brought forward...
How is your week going?  I love hearing about what you are up to ☺
See ya soon xoxoxo ♥

Monday, June 30, 2014

Some crochet and a new sewing machine ☺

Hi there......I have been busy making more soap bags (just like the old soap on a rope) as we both like using these and stops the soap getting everywhere in the shower and easy to keep a grip on

They also are rather well liked as gifts to family and friends, well, I think they like them as they have not said "don't make em" lol

Also a few more of those day of the dead skulls with the fun glow in the dark nylon yarn

I have started a small blanket in these stylecraft colours

I am enjoying making this so far and love the stitch which is basically 2 double crochet then 2 front post double crochet, simple but looks good and is really soft

Saturday I went to our farmer's market and picked up some fresh vegetables and.......

Yes a new sewing machine, and was half price as this model now not being made

Look at all those stitches.....and the buttonhole is a one step procedure amazing.
I am going to have some fun with this.....
It has turned pretty cold here so better whip myself up a few pairs of flannelet pj pants.
Thank you for dropping in again and may your days be sunny and happy where you are xoxo 

Monday, June 23, 2014

A bit of family time and goodbye weeds

Hello again my lovelies....yes the loaf was a success and we enjoyed it very much over the next few days ☺

Now I showed you some pictures a little while back of my grandson's performance in a theatre group he belongs to and yesterday they had a mid year one with a few others singing and dancing

There he is sitting to the left with the fair hair 

He could not see us because of the bright lights in his face but we could see him and great zoom shot ☺

The other young boy who is also amazing remembering all the lines.....I know I would fail miserably

There were even Zombie girls dancing lol
Then because we were able to leave at interval Me, my girl and Batty thought we would do a surprise visit too....

My dear Brother who is holding his newest Grandgirl, lovely and I also was able to give him the RATFINK t-shirt I bought for him ☺☺

So sweet....

Some of the family, with my girl in the t-shirt 

The great spread of food Nansy (their mum no pic of her, next time.....) provided them and Batty too

The mum to the new girl and my nephew the new dad, and one of the other grandsons..

And this gorgeous little girl, so tiny and cute sitting with her Uncle 

This lovely mum (my brothers daughter in law) is expecting TWINS...and her lovely little man who has had a bad run with asthma and allergies, he is such a quiet happy little guy xo

Oh and this one is rather camera shy lol, she is my brothers girl my niece and very pretty too, just need to get her to look at the camera and smile ☺

And her hubby who is also a little camera shy, they are mum and dad to the 2 sitting at the table with their uncle 

And this is their oldest boy....he likes that I sometimes have t-shirts or jumpers with bats or skulls on them ☺☺ Oh and he loved Popsy ratfink t-shirt☺

And great Nanny to all those little people had a lovely time and liked our impromptu visit ☺☺

Back home again and I have been busy in the garden getting rids of HEAPS of weeds and laying out sugar cane mulch, oh my aching legs and back.....but feel good that I have done it all

The Thyme is growing very well and trying to talk Rosemary into hanging in there....

Even weeded this little rock garden that was a mass of weeds and will mulch it and wait till winter passes to plant anything

One of the many Lavenders growing next to the Winjana 

And has only taken us a few years, but have finally got a concrete slab poured so we can finally install the spa here (it was at my other house before I moved here) Notice I say we, but really has been the man, who organised the concrete guy and the man moved the spa to here.....So this will be great once it is complete but that is still a little way off but it is the plan.
How has your weekend been?
I must say I have enjoyed a bit of good family time and have now been ringing/emailing/texting others to catchup too.
Take care till next visit xoxoxo