Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bits and pieces in our day

Hello again, this is my 4th post this week which is amazing lol
I have been working on that sock which is being made with King Cole riot 8ply and 3.5mm dpn's 

Close up, really love the pop of pink colour but of course that will be hidden by my shoes.......duh

A bit more experimenting with flavouring vodka ☺☺ 
A packet of redskins (red lolly sticks)

And topped up with vodka......if you like redskins then you would like this little drink ☺
Now to shake it up over the next day or 2 ☺

A bit of cooking which was inspired by Astri at appleblossomdreams and was really easy and quick....

A very yum lunch we had and will do this again and just vary the toppings, kind of like a healthy pizza option ☺☺ Thank you Astri xo

Finally completed the sock which took me just under 2 weeks, obviously if I knitted daily I could get one done in a few days but I take my sweet time lol  Now have at least cast on the partner for it so let's just see how long I take to be able to wear the pair......

The man bought himself a new rotisserie for the BBQ and cooked up this chicken last night (Wednesday)

While that was cooking I filtered the vodka which took quite a few coffee filters to create this nice clear red have a little tipple ready for Xmas tasting ☺☺

The chook got basted with a rosemary branch with a few herbs and spices.....

Turning nicely..

Knocked up a very simple salad with a few olives.....

Chicken was cooked great and enjoyed it last night and also in a bread roll today for lunch with the rest in the freezer to be used in another meal another day ☺☺
Now tomorrow is my youngest boy's wedding so rather exciting and nervous as I am making a small speech.....EEEEEK 
Of course I wont be back here till after then so maybe Monday, take care till then xoxoxo

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Surprise...... a steam train

Hello again, I am really on a roll with the blogging this week, but then again I have had a few days of exciting times ☺ And as you can see a train was running on the Sunday after the hens lunch ☺

The man took a picture of this lunatic waiting, camera in hand ready for......

Cars stopped......

Oh yes well worth the wait, this lunatic said, me lol 

Had my camera taking constant pictures and as you could imagine I have not put them ALL here lol 
But what does the wording say on the front of the engine?

Oh my could it really say what I think I am seeing? K163 is this lovely engine.....

Fantastic.....a HALLOWEEN TRAIN oh was I very excited and do I see BATS on the chimney stack?????

Scary train and lots of little people on board loving every minute of it.....oh yes and me too ☺☺

There it goes back to the station.....

Tooting its way along the line......

Yes BATS...... how neat ☺☺

Engine driver was quite happy to smile in this picture for me ♥

This was so neat and the breathing of the engine was fabulous!

Yes, there I am in my Mad Hooker t-shirt and the man kindly took this photo for me ♥♥
At the station they had this little train running and lots of little people loved it ☺

A nice snag in bread on the platform

The queue for snags and drinks....

The carriages along the platform

They don't have a turntable here so the engine heads down the track.....

And comes back  down 

Slowly moving and steaming ☺

And hooks back on the other end of the those bats 

All hooked up ready to head off backwards ☺♥

I did take a small video with my mobile which I put on facebook ☺☺
A good fun time and I must say I have had a good fun time with friends, family, and trains....
What fun have you had in your home town 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fun at a hen's lunch and lots of photo's ☺☺

Get ready for lots of photo's.......I have many family members who come here to link up and see what we have all been doing so know they will love these pictures of the hens lunch for sure ♥♥

The gorgeous bride to be was greeted by all the hens as she arrived ♥

There was a vintage bridal theme and even my sis in law donned some lace in her hair ☺

Look at the cute bride to future daughter in law ☺

Nice big table for us all to sit around 

The Mum of bride to be......♥

With her cousin related via my sister's son's wife....

Leaning in to say hello to Nanny (my mum)

A really lovely picture of the 2 of them ♥

Me and her ♥♥

Mum, daughter and me the future dreaded ma in law lol 

And another ☺

Niece and Aunty  (my ex hubby's sister)

One of the sisters to the girl of the day ☺

Lot's of chatting and fun times

Me and my girl when she arrived ♥

And again ☺

Nanny, granddaugher, my sister in the background...hello Chook lol
and my dear sis in law hello K xoxo

My girls ♥♥

Her Mum again 

Such a sweet face ☺

My lunch of stuffed chicken was so tasty

Another of the tasty meals at josephinesthebriars where the lunch was held with a few games thrown in too for fun ☺

Sisters ♥

Mum and daughter.....a bit fuzzy but such a lovely photo ♥


Me and my 2 girls lol 

And a better snap ☺

Cousins by marriage and one of the other sisters in the background
It was a lovely day and most of them headed off to have a fun night sleep over.....I took Mum home and then had the fun of picking up the man from his fun in the city for the day time part of the Bucks activities......

We luckily were able to get a room at last minute ☺

And it came with this great spa bath and boy was it great to relax late that night ☺☺

Following morning we headed in to the town of Mornington and they were having a mainstreetfestival which I did not know about so here we were checking out the chickens, which is kind of funny after a hens lunch the day before lol 

A couple of sheep and goats too ☺

Very fluffy these chickens were ☺

We walked down to the beach for a look around and get some good walking exercise in.....

It was real windy although this picture does not show it very well lol 
Yes my camera was back in the car so these pictures have been taken with my mobile

Nice bit of cliff, love the colour of the sand 

And can you see way out in the distance some buildings? That is the city of Melbourne the capital of Victoria and the 2nd most populous city in Australia Melbourne

The crowds were starting to arrive
There was plenty of food stalls, bands playing......
We headed off to check out something that we remembered was running that day...
Will be back with that post tomorrow ☺☺☺