Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween fun in Rosedale

Happy Halloween to those who like.......
Put on my neat t-shirt today as we were going to visit a small town near where we live

Rosedale and have driven through and visited quite a bit, but never knew that some residents from USA had started something 6yrs ago

Oh yes, pumpkins.....

And lots of young one's dressed up, some walking like a zombie ☺☺

These young lads were more than happy to wave their sickle lol 

Ah yes a zombie dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller...they were hoping to break the Australian record of 900 with 1000 people doing the dance ☺

How cute are these cupcakes.....

Even eyeball cakes lol 

The crowds were starting to arrive

Oh I did not like this massive spider one little bit lol

And they had a haunted house which the American family had been doing for years and  now on a rather large scale and I never knew anything about this till this year! I only live 30 mins away....But having said this, I don't really like dark rooms so no I did not go inside but do know from other years others have screamed their way through......

There was a leg hanging out of the spiders mouth and all the little kids loved it and touched it to make it move.....brave kiddies ☺

A selection of living dead dolls.....

One of the local radio stations were there to help and here were a few of the dancers practicing the dance

More neat decorations, I felt right at home as love this

Great carved pumpkin ☺☺

Plenty of place selling food and drink ☺

Even a selection of farm animals, of course I loved the ducks 

Another stall with a witch buying some spiders...eeek 

Horse drawn carriage taking many for a ride around town

Check out that headless driver and unsure about his sidekick lol 

Even the horse was into Halloween lol 

Those doing the dance needed to register so they would know the number for maybe breaking the record......

Got a snap of some more entrants, neat 

Many local shops had their decorations happening 

Local Chemist had the zombie dance brochure up 

Even the butcher had decorated ☺☺

A bigger group practicing.....

The screen where they would show the video clip and later a movie Monster House

Plenty dressed up 

A better picture from my mobile of them getting their zombie on lol 

Look at the amount going to do the thriller dance......

The front group.....

And it was about to begin with the Thriller clip first then the dance.....
I took a movie but it was too dark to really see all of the dancers but it was a lot of fun
We are now back home and early enough for some young trick or treaters to visit us and score some body part lollies lol 
Do you like Halloween?
It is not really celebrated that much here but many do like how they can go around with their kids just for a fun family time ♥
Hope you enjoyed this little post
Take care xoxo

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Twins and other things

Hello my friends, aren't these babies cute.....some of you will have seen them on facebook
They belong to my nephew and wife so I am a great aunt again to 2 baby girls ☺☺
Georgia on the left in pink hat and Grace on the right in mauve hat
These are the babies I crocheted those......

Blankets for 

And the mum and dad were very delighted with them
They have 2 other children so now parents to 4 under 5 ☺☺

We had breakfast in a neat cafe on Monday while car was getting serviced  and noted this interesting light.....
it is made up of lots of little body figures, neat eh.....

We had coffee and drank plenty of water....and speaking of water you should have see the rain!

Cannot really notice in this picture but it was wild wind and HEAPS of rain.....

And as you can see the drive back was not fun and the wipers were going flat out.......

Oh and the man had a bit of a trim on his hair ☺☺

This is a breakfast I had last week at a local cafe of 2 poached eggs with potato rosti and pumpkin and toast, very very nice and highly recommend 3 little birds cafe to anyone who lives local to us......

The man had a toasted ham/tomato, cheese with a poached egg on top...

Today the rain has eased a little but boy that wind is crazy crazy.......

Just lucky our sheets and doona cover have not ended up at the neighbors lol 
My boy and his lovely wife are on their honeymoon over in California and look forward to hearing/seeing all about it...
How is the weather at your place.....
take care xoxoxoxo

Sunday, October 26, 2014

An Awsome wedding and yes I cried ♥

Hello everyone! Oh what a fantastic time we had and many tears lol 
Now you are going to be looking at almost 100 pictures here, well, because I can and other family will be looking and loving too. I wont put too many comments as nice to just look ☺☺
Hope you enjoy Lolly xoxo

So my youngest boy getting ready with his groomsmen

Helping with the cuff links ☺

My new daughter (dropping the in law bit coz I can) getting on the makeup which she does not need as she is beautiful......inside as well

Her lovely Mum 

My sister Chook and hubby....hello there 

I am in the purple top with many family members

There is the boy of the moment and his handsome groomsmen 

Best man

Now the bride walking down the aisle (grass) and excuse the shots of backs of heads but hey you do what you can lol 

The beautiful bridesmaid's her 3 sisters 

Beautiful bride and groom xoxo 

Her brother ☺ and such a beautiful day

Exchanging vows

The mum's hand over roses to our children, me to hers and her to mine ☺☺

So happy ☺☺

Dear Nanny and next to her Granma (my ex ma in law) ☺

One of my boys sitting next to his dad and his partner 

My oldest boy next to his brother's partner the other girl in our lives ☺

Hello to my ex ☺

Witnessing the marriage certificate

Her happy Dad and Mum, lovely people ☺☺

Beautiful and they had such a wonderful day/night 

The certificate hello Mr and Mrs M 

My girl, her boys and partner......

Me and her man and my grandboy so tall now ☺

And the other grandboy ☺

Me and groom and son 

this was one of the many babies at the wedding, she belongs to one of the groomsmen....isn't she cute ☺

Her and her beautiful mum 

My nephew and wife ☺

My boy

My girl and boy

The man's boy 

brothers ♥

My sis and bro (in laws)

As you can see there was some great dancing before the meals, so entertaining 

CLICK HERE FOR: Dance routine with music wonderful 

They did the cake early just to get it out of the way and enjoy the meals and speeches 

Best man doing speech and very entertaining too

Her maid of honour doing her lovely speech 

Me doing my speech with his Dad and me crying most of the way through it lol 

He said he was trying not to cry ♥

His Dad doing his bit....☺☺

Her Mum and then her Dad sang his speech, really touching

My bro and his wife doing a secret dance lol 

And the beautiful bride wrote and sang her speech!

Look at the love in his eyes ☺

Father and bride ☺

Help from the bridesmaids 

Me and my boy 

Help from the groomsmen lol 

Then we ate and danced the night away........
It was an amazing night and will never forget it and have many movies to watch as they put them up on youtube ☺☺

Buffet breakfast for those of us who stayed the night, lovely blended family ♥
Well I hope you all enjoyed these pictures and the link to the fun dance
Love to you all xoxo