Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Show time in the valley

SSSSSS ah yes a snake.......last weekend we had the district and agricultural show for the Friday night and Saturday.....

A lovely green frog

A blurry own who kept turning its head

Pair of dingos 

Hello Mr Python 

Dingo's on the loose lol 

Plenty of show bags

Rides and a bit of a crowd

I actually rode this ride "the zipper" when I was 17 only 41 years ago lol Surely this actual ride is not that old......

Ride prices are never cheap 

Plenty having fun going on the was just me and the man having a walk around and our charge for attending was our way of donating to the agricultural society ☺

Went on this one many years ago too, like a space ship and it does your head in lol 

Way up high

Cute ghost train ride 

We saw at least 3 laughing clown amusement games setup

Look back at the rides was a good weather night, so lucky for them all

There was even an inflatable shark slide.......

More spinning around, don't mind this one but no rides for us this year...taking a break lol 

I would probably be crazy enough to go on this one if my kids were here with me ♥♥


Good old dodgems 

Punch and Judy type show which.....

Was a crazy looking duck with a bald man

And a few token animals......We had a good walk from home to here and back again ☺

Look, Faygog had the throat surgery and we took him back to his Mum, my girl ♥

Still working on that sock with the mini circulars 

While we had a coffee Sunday noticed these cute salt and pepper shakers.....each table had different ones, but did not take photo's as did not want to look like some weirdo while others were at the tables time maybe 

Complete an oven mitt......

And 2 oven pads.....

Any sewing, knitting, crocheting happening at your place?
The weather here is crazy stupid......30+ one day and 16 the next.......
take care out there and see you again soon....have a baby shower to attend this Sunday ♥♥

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A little kayaking

Well here is Faygog after having his neck surgery discussing it with my old blue Ted....he will be going back to my daughters house in the next week or so but happy to stay here for now ☺

Do you have one of these Dry Dan's? 

I brought him back after finding him in a box at my Mums and he has been getting stuck like this.....too much drinking Dan!! So we are having to teach him to drink responsibly lol 

Yesterday was a very warm day 30celcius+ so for the first time in over 4 years thought we would have a go at kayaking at a local area.....this is my Kayak ☺

The man's.....

Getting the roof racks on my car ☺

The large pond or as it  is called  hazelwood pondage where the water is roughly 22 degrees year round and reason being,  it cools the power station nearby ☺☺

Very large area and great for all water type activities ☺☺
A bit of fun getting Kayaks on and off the car but hey......  
Off I go with the man using his waterproof camera ☺

We paddled for roughly 40 minutes and can say today I feel ok

Long distance shot of me paddling away

A bit of a zoom and you can see the power station in the distance.....

Back at the car getting the Kayaks back on the roof and noticed the stormy looking clouds rolling in....

Ready to head back home again......only a 20 minute drive from home and should do this more often....My first time at this area and I have lived here 7 years......

Look back over towards the power station and those clouds.....
Well it did rain over night which is a good thing as needed and the temperature today is 16 Celsius so half of yesterdays temp......crazy weather
See you all again soon xoxo