Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cooking and family visiting fun ☺

Welcome back, on Friday I decided to whip up a batch of M&M cookies/biscuits as we were going to have visitors for lunch ☺☺

I put in a little too much M&M's so the next batch will do half 

The recipe made roughly 40 cookies and if I made them a bit smaller would be HEAPS....going to make some more too because the van group we belong to, there is one guy who LOVES these so going to knock up some more to take on our little trip next week ☺☺

I also made this garlic and rosemary cob style loaf to have with the BBQ we were going to be having with those visitors ☺☺
I also boiled up some spuds to bake on Saturday as they crisp up real well just with some olive oil spray, quite healthy, these are also some low Gi spuds ☺

And had these wings marinating for a few days in my own concoction of mix to be also cooked in the oven, to have along side some BBQ steak and salad ☺☺

Some more birds have been drinking from my water dish, but not very colourful....

Where have all the fun bright coloured birds gone? Hope they appear here soon ☺

And LOOK yes my girl came to visit for the lunch on Saturday and look how tiny she looks next to my big sunflower ☺

She is about the same height as the smaller one lol

There is grand boy number 2 

And my girl's guy who is quite tall himself but dwarfed by this beauty lol 

A lovely group shot of the awesome foursome who traveled 160 klm's to spend the arvo with us ☺☺
A bit of attacking/friction went on with number 1 grand boy (who did not want to be photographed with the sunflower lol) and number 2

Hence why in this pic number 2 does not look happy lol We love all of these guys ♥

And me with them and they look happier separated by Granny and their mum lol 

Good to get a couple of photo's....and grand boy 1 is so tall now!

And could not forget the man himself who was barbecuing the onion/snag/steaks....which was all fabulous and everyone ate heaps, did not get any photo's of the cooked up food as we were having too much fun with the family ☺
It has been a great weekend here, how is it at our place?
See you all again soon xoxo

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Our daily walk to the post office

Hello again, thought I would come back today and just share our walk down to the post office.....I say down because we walk down a hill into our town....Just leaving our house in the short street we live in.....

Crossing the road which is a split road, so this side the traffic only comes from our right...

Onto to the pathway between the split road

We live very close to this RSL and have eaten here, but the meals are not as good as they used to be which is a shame.....

Further on down the path past the exercise are which I said I would say the man did 10 chin ups lol and of course we both laughed ☺☺

Across a road again to continue on the same path

And on down this hill which is steeper than it looks here....and looks cold today but nope, bloody warm lol 

And looking over these house I zoom my camera in......

And there is the mans work, power station way off in the distance roughly 10klm's away

Continuing down the path

Past the local pool which has been having lots of local schools enjoying swimming competitions the last month ☺

Crossing over the grassy roundabout area 

And look.....we may just walk down again on Saturday for this which they have every month ☺

And they set up the stalls along the left on the grass....other times in the year they also have a craft market too ☺

Our post office is way down the end of this street but we had some bread to pick up

And headed straight ahead

Past a few nightclubs and a restaurant

There is the undercover shopping centre which we go to for a bit of shopping

One of the main streets with heaps of shops, banks, chemist you name it we probably have it lol 

Yep even good old Aldi

Popped in here to get some chicken wings for a BBQ on Saturday

And a low gi hi fibre loaf of bread ☺

Looking back through the shopping centre

And when you walk you get to see other interesting things like this large praying mantis ☺

And after going to the post office, back up the hill to home......

Thought you may like to see  just how tall my sunflower is now ☺☺ I don't look happy but believe me I was just not sure when the man was going to snap the picture lol 

Lovely big sunny face

And the other smaller sunny face

How is it where you live today? May you all have a great weekend too xo

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Friends near and far far away

Hi there again just a short post today ☺ Whipped up this delish onion/mushroom/peppercorn sauce to have on our steaks the other night with a little salad and was great....really trying to kick some weight off  AGAIN.....wish me luck on that

And looky here, something for me all the way from the great USA!


Such a lovely home printed card

And a gorgeous message inside with a beautiful crochet heart ♥  This has come to me from my dear bloggy friend Teresa all the way from Oregon just a mere 13,000+ klm's away now neat...
She is a wonderful lady, good friend, mother, grandmother, sister and just like me loves to do a bit of crochet and some knitting too ☺☺ THANK YOU again Teresa... She did say some lovely things about me as I sent her a little gift can visit her blog here her blog
She takes fantastic photo's of where she lives and on her trips away and has cute little dog called Buddy...I love seeing the gorgeous mountain Mt go have a look ☺☺

See Teresa I have it hanging in my lounge room off one of my neat mirrored candle holders ♥

Oh and I know this is NOT an exciting photo but I went to visit my mum and her washing machine had decided to not work so at the grand old age of 90 (march 17) she now has a new washing machine and is having fun testing it out on different settings lol 

And  here she is with me and my dearest longest close friend Lanie, we have known each other since birth....same hospital and kindergarten, wonderful to have a friend for almost 58 yrs xoxoxo

And a better picture just cause I can.....I look huge next to these too lol
Well now I might just try and get on with a bit of crochet today and maybe read a book I am enjoying "Call the Midwife" and yes there is a television show based on this book....have you read it or watched the show?
See ya all again real soon xoxoxoxo