Sunday, March 29, 2015

Quick trip away and enjoying long friendship

We were catching up with my dearest friend whom I have known forever....and they have a new mega van and we decided to go to a free campsite near a neat little town, so here is our Winnie being remote controlled out to the road ☺

This town is called Rosedale discoverrosedale and it is the town that held the neat zombie dance for Halloween last year, blogged about halloween-fun-in-rosedale here ☺ and this is where you can free camp and is just a 1200 metres walk to the town

They arrived and this is one beauty of a caravan ☺ 

Their neat bedroom area ☺

Ensuite with shower on the opposite side with fully closing glass door

And their she is and her hubby chatting to the man....

Nice to have neighbors lol 

We walked in to town to one of the local pubs Rosedale Tavern and had a great meal and I at least got this lovely picture of the 3 of them, none of me again lol 

Back home again the next morning, good fun quick time and look forward to more of these little trips ☺☺

And I even got a little crochet done on Sophie's Universe 
Hope you are enjoying your weekend where you are.....
xoxoxo ♥♥

Friday, March 27, 2015

A grandson turns I feel even older lol

Hello again, here is some of my family celebrating my oldest grandboys 16th birthday which was on the 19th, but with Nanny's 90th it was delayed till last night ☺☺

My lovely daughter in law but will from now on just call her one of my dear daughters ☺ and the birthday boy in the background

We ate at a place called Food Republik  Asian/Taiwanese  and there were some great meals....this was the man's sizzling beef and spicy too

My girl's fella 

My meal which was grilled marinated pork chop with greens an egg and some yummy rice 

My girl and her fella had some yummy dumplings too

Missy the man's dd who has just returned from 6 months in the UK  and my girl ☺

Their dad my ex and his lovely lady on the left....we all get on mighty fine which is good 
Oh look at mr number 2 grandboy lol 

Me and the man having a touching moment lol 

Daughter with camera filming the singing....she has a vlog on youtube which I watch most days and is just like being with her, my youngest boy and their cute animals ☺

A very blurry one of mr 16.....

And just look at the pav cake which my girl brought....we all had a small portion and it was delish 

Lighting the candles 

Happy birthday grandboy ☺♥♥♥

And the reno continues....where the old hall to toilet door is now a wall....

We have a ceiling

And walls.....plasterer here now (Friday).....plumber not back till Monday with electrician we hope....fingers crossed as washing hair in the laundry trough is a bit hard on the back lol
See you all again here soon ☺☺♥♥

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

On again with the bathroom reno

On we continue with the bathroom upgrade....we have had a few delays as you know, waiting for that bath and shower.....Once the shower base/sides were installed the man added extra glue down inside the white panel and used these neat pressure poles to push against and make sure it glued flat and no bubbles...

He has been busy filling the joins in the sheets of aqua check 

and sanding back once dried....

The bath finally arrived today early morning and luckily the plumber was able to assist installing it to a certain point.....he then left the man to continue on with other bits that needed to be done under the bath and some of the surrounds as he had another job he was needed for.... it was more than a tight squeeze so some timber had to be trimmed...

The plumber came back in the afternoon to remedy another small problem and even attached the tap temporarily to get some water in the bath to check how it all leveled out and of course possible leaks....none thank goodness ☺

So for now this is where the bath is at.....walls still needing to be completed etc...

We still do not have the window so it is staying like this for now and we expect the plasterer tomorrow.....and he should be working on this over the next 2 days....wish us luck ☺
Then possibly the plumber may be back over the weekend.....
And here is the state of one of the spare bedrooms for guests to sleep sleeping here lol

and the other spare room where grand kiddies can stay.....not at the moment :( 

There is the fittings for the shower waiting to be installed....

and the shower screens and door.....will be great once completed maybe by end of next week except floor and painting....
It is certainly giving me something to blog about lol
Thanks for visiting again too xoxo

Monday, March 23, 2015

Nanny's 90th birthday lunch fun and a shower base ☺

Hello again, certainly have had a few busy days since I last posted...Sunday we drove down for my mum's 90th and here is one of my sisters daughter in law setting up the lovely blue balloon arrangements she organised and her little girl assisting too ☺

A happy 90th banner was also put up with a few pictures of my mum over the years....

We had 4 tables of roughly 10 per you can see more family members who have arrived

One of my sisters Loo (in the red) chatting to our older sister Lolly and her hubby who had flown down from Queensland near Brisbane

One of Loo's boys, she has 5 of them and he is the youngest, hello Muzz ☺ and one of my boys who flew down from New South Wales near Sydney but pic is a bit too blurry....

Here is Loo's number 4 son, hello Brent ☺ he flew from Queensland also but higher up in Australia

Here is the party girl her self, Nanny as we all call her and a few of grandchildren and great grandchildren in the background...she has 14 grandchildren and 14 GREAT grandchildren at least I think I got the numbers right lol 

And yes the man was happy to supervise where ever needed for this lunch gathering...It was held at an RSL (returned services league) and they are all over Oz and great places for good meals

This is my niece with her hubby, they have 3 cute little ones and she is my brothers daughter ☺

She does not like having photo taken so tries to blur it and her fella like to put on his Sunny's as a disguise....and there cute youngest

Oh and there is my youngest grand boy Riley...he has very curly hair ☺

Oh look twin girls...these are also my brother's grandies and roughly 5mths old and number 13/14 gg

A better picture of Nanny

My 2nd son and his partner, parents to Misty and Riley

The man chatting with another of my brother's grand kiddies (i think she is number 12 gg) and daughter in law

My sister Lolly with her hubby and her daughter and partner who also flew in from Queensland between Fraser island and Brisbane...

My brother's oldest boy with his little girl, cute

My girl chatting with her cousin and Dad of those twins in the background 

My youngest boy to the left and my oldest boy to the right.....he looks shocked lol

A close up of Riley and those curls

The family with those twins and there little girl and son, so great to see them all together

I went around to each table to take pictures just so I hope I have not missed brother is up the end of this table busy eating lol 

A picture from the other end of that table and my bro in law looking at me lol 

2nd table which had my 3 sons and cousins, my nephews ☺

table 3 with my grandson's Brandon and Sebastian with my girl too

Table 4 where this nieces (see she made it blurry again lol) hubby was with the kiddies in play room

And up the other end my niece and her partner again and nephew and his wife and little girl Jade ☺
And a big thank you to his wife as she was a great help ☺☺

There was a bit of friction in the play room and I told these 2 it would all be ok and took a photo through the glass window, they are my nieces little boys and have amazing beautiful long hair ♥

I took a few snaps of this little one, most which were blurry as she was laughing and having a great time.....cute little face 

After some great meals out came the cake which my 2nd sister organised ☺

Lot's of great grandies gathered around Nanny to sing....

Singing away to her we were, hip hip hooray!

Just before blowing out the candles....

Blow blow Nanny....

A bit like paparazzi with all the picture taking.....

My brother's wife and the one who helped organised this with some of us...thanks L ☺

Oh yes my girl loves babies.....she has those 2 boys and this little one was Georgia a twin

And Nanny had the other one Grace with my oldest boy peaking over

Misty....finally a very quick snap of her....she was busy and had such a pretty black dress and boots on and this is all I managed.....maybe someone else may have pics for me.....

Nanny and granddaughter and great granddaughters.....special photo's for sure....she had a great day and we all had a fantastic time.....I am sure I missed getting pictures of some but also none of myself lol  

And finally back to that bathroom reno.....the shower base and wall finally in but that will be it till later this week.....
Thank for all the birthday wishes to my Mum she was delighted so many out there wanted to pass on to her.....
Hope you enjoyed the mass of family pictures here but I know there are family members who will enjoy seeing this post. May I say a very big THANK YOU  to all those who travelled for this special time and enjoy for those who were unable ☺☺
Keep happy and enjoy life to the fullest