Thursday, October 8, 2015

3rd and final part of Fifth wheeler trip along the Murray

A picture again of the camp ground at the Rich River Golf club....On our last day here we took a drive to see another part along the Murray river

And here is that weir where the Murray flows too

Looking back up the Murray river

Plenty of birds here, wonder why......

Good old Mr P 

Ah ha........this is why those birds are hanging around

The fish Ladder and those birds are down the bottom right

And the cage where they can be sorted if need be......

The man having a good look

The water flows through 

And the sound was incredible......

Now flowing back down the other way along the Murray river

Here is one part of the lock where the boats come into to either go up the river or down.....

Water levels get changed so they can go down the river again 

Goodbye to another Mr P

Another angle of the Rich River camp area.....with quite a few others

And this large fifth wheeler, made ours look like a mini lol 
We left there the next day after another good meal at the club.....we ended up camping at a van park right near where my Mum now lives in aged care.....

Here we are parked outside her village the following morning.....

You can just see the front gates in the distance on the right.....we had a nice visit with her and she enjoyed hearing about what we had been doing ☺
Now back home and will be back down to visit her again in a few days then the following week we have another trip, this time Timeshare accommodation in another state of Australia....
Take care out there and see you again real soon xoxo

2nd part to vanning around the Murray 2015

Yes hello again and this does not look very exciting but well, this was happening just up the river from where we camped for 2 nights......

Remember I mentioned environment stuff well this was it.......

Pumping water from the Murray river out to the other side where there were small creek beds 

Look at that water pumping 

I did wonder if it would affect the river but plenty of water here 

Pump causing a LOT of noise.....luckily we could only faintly hear it from where we were camped....

We are down the river on the left......

With lucky not closer or we would of had to move on

We took a drive to look around other parts as were were camped near Swan Hill for info and visited Lake Boga and look at all these Pelicans......

I was pretty happy seeing them and taking a few snaps ☺

A small bridge in the town of Swan Hill 

Crossing the Murray River.....then back to camp we went

Lit a fire again although not needed for warmth but a plan to cook on the open fire ☺

Lovely evening again......we did end up cooking some chicken kebabs with some onion to have with our got a bit crazy with a few flames and by the time all settled cooking I forgot to take a photo.....but can tell you it was all YUM lol

Next morning we said goodbye to our distant Pelican ♥ to head to our next spot

Arriving into Echuca and drove through Moama echucamoama info

This camp spot is at the golf club and as long as you are a member you can stay for a night or 2 
over the 3 year membership......very handy for a meal out as just a short stroll ☺☺

Back into Echuca for a bit of a look around....

They run 3 paddle steamers here although not all steam now

The tree that marks prior flood levels of the Murray river.....the top mark is 1870 then 1975 and 1974 so some pretty amazing levels......

Pride of the Murray Paddle

Back at the Winnie the man relaxing before we headed over to the club for a good meal ☺
Again thank you for coming over and hope you enjoyed your visit xoxoxo