Sunday, February 7, 2016

Visiting a friend and family ♥

Hello again people.......had a little visit again with my Mum and a nurse was quite happy to take a few snaps for me to share with family and this one was quite good ☺☺ she is going okay, but stuck in this chair all day, but keeps good happy thoughts happening ♥

And after that visit, then dropped in on my dear longest friend and her daughter with a new baby, her grandson ☺☺

Lovely photo of mum and little son.......♥♥

And yesterday, on Saturday had the chance to drive down to visit this little sweetie ♥ My grand girl April......

Her doting Dad looking down at her ☺

Their cat Max the maine coon in the dark lol 

Their dog Trixie who is a lean racing machine and very good ☺

In the kitchen with new Mum passing by getting ready to go out for a well deserved lunch with her hubby (my youngest)

We were left in charge with this little cherub for a few hours and even Grandpa enjoyed holding her ☺☺

Yes me, Granny and April xo

Oh hello there, such large eyes.......will be interesting what colour they end up being as Mummy has lovely brown and Daddy has lovely blue......

And on the road back in the car I continued on with a spiral reversible hat.....
The weather is hot here and enjoying pumping the air conditioner.....
See ya again soon xoxo

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Free camping near home

On our trip back home on Sunday we decided to check out a free camp area which is only 40 klms from our home.....cowwarr-weir 

We took a walk around to check this area out.....

A log to stop anyone staying down this can only stay if a self contained type van/rig

The water was rushing through and quite loud

This is one side past the log.....

and this is the other side past the log.....not flowing as fast

If it was a bit warmer I would be tempted to have a swim ☺

Inside that log.....think a snake would love it in here

Looking back to where we parked and decided to stay the night ☺☺There is a toilet block to the left just past our Winnie.....

Walking back to near the weir and you can see the water is sure flowing fast out of the gates.....

Looking out over the weir.....plenty of chances to swim/kayak/walk......we want to come back and actually use our bikes next time ☺

Plenty of chances to fish here too ☺

My camera was behaving well for a change lol 

We walked all the way to the end of the path/road....

You could cross this bridge and head to somewhere we did not know, so that would be an option with our bikes ☺☺

Looking towards where the weir becomes Thomson river........and then I zoomed

and there was someone Kayaking ☺

A picture of the Thomson river going back past where our winnie was.....

Could not see any fish lurking.....

Walking back under the lovely trees along here

Speed hump on the road....and the weir 

The bridge we crossed to get here where there are other gates to control the water levels.....
We are now back home again and have already washed and re packed everything ready for another trip sometime ☺☺☺
Going to be a hot day today.......what is happening in your neck of the woods?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Short trip away with van club and a 70th and 60th

Hello my family and friends......a short trip away over the weekend to a place not far from where we live.....Bairnsdale 

We were booked in at one of the local van parks by the caravan club, we are currently members of...and 2 special birthdays (also the clubs 20th)

Each evening, much to my delight, Bats flew over, and someone reckoned 990 lol  Also we had a massive lightning/thunder show and mega rain......

Now we had a lovely lady turning 70 and she wanted to celebrate with the van club and Paul (my man) turning 60 also wanted to help pay for heaps of cold chickens cut up from a great local shop ReefRoast and those chickens were super tender....

The theme colour for the day was Pink as this was the birthday lady's favourite colour

My camera started steaming up from the humidity as we had mega rain then sunshine.....Oh what is Paul wearing......

Last pick taken under the tent canopy too steamed up.....

Ah yes a hula type skirt for his 60th birthday lol 

Some of the caravan club friends....

Hubby and wife in their pink clothes too

Plenty of little pink decorations.....

This lady has the same name as me ☺☺

We also supplied some champagne....also non alcoholic too

And a selection of soft drink and juice ☺

The pink theme sure was popular ☺

This fun man even wore a pink bathing suit lol 

The birthday girl getting a hug ♥

Yep even pink wigs....such a fun time

Tucking into the chicken

Relaxing and enjoying the sunshine.....

A pink feather in his cap lol 

A few more photo's taken

Thank goodness the rain stayed away for a couple of hours.....

I enjoy hanging out with this lady, lots of fun ☺☺

Deep in discussion lol 

And one of the ladies made this cake, and it looked fabulous and very tasty ♥

Keeping cool and dry under the awnings......

And yes, this is what I wore over my special batman t-shirt lol.....I was roasting with that feather boa around my neck so later just tied it around my waist.....the mask was hot too, but enjoyed wearing it ☺
Well that was a fun weekend with HEAPS of rain which you did not see as we were blessed with perfect weather for about 4 hrs......☺
Take care and may your days be bright ☺